Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rest of the weekend

Octoberfest. Ren Faire. And I still found time to fit more stuff in between.

Last night my friends Nicole and Carlton had an Octoberfest party featuring 4 different homebrews and tons of food. It sounds like a recipe for dietary disaster, but I was good. I only nibbled on a little food (and very little sweets). As for the beer, I paced myself pretty carefully, more for intoxication than dietary concerns. And with all of those yummy beers, it took some discipline.

I had a lot of fun even though I didn't know most of the people there. Nicole refers to me as her "introvert extrovert friend". That means that while I may be reserved and not outgoing, I can be comfortable with a bunch of people I don't know even if I'm just hanging out and watching what's going on. I did talk to a few people, some that I had never met before, some I'd only met a couple of times, and a few that were established friends. Probably the most off the wall discussion had to do with mathematics and how does one express numbers less than 1 in a non-decimal base system like base 8? For example, what would 1.67 be in base 8? How about 2.89? Leave it to me to be discussing Kzin math at a party.

Today I went to the Fisher's Ren Faire with Nicole. Last year we were lucky enough to bump into some other friends. This year it looks like they didn't make it, but there was a few thousand more people to make up for it. Word was that vendors brought 3x what they sold last year and were selling out. This is good, because that means the Faire will be ongoing and draw even more vendors. Hopefully the evil day star didn't burn me much... you'd think I would have learned after Irishfest. My only quibble was the parking situation... they could have used an extra bus or two for each remote lot.

I also maintained my gym schedule today, despite getting home at like 2:30am, which I am proud of because that shows it's become part of my routine, so that even when I am tired I don't talk myself into skipping "just this once".

I managed to get a "scene" out of my brain and into type so that it would quit distracting me. It won't make sense to any but a handful of folks, it has to do with gaming and certain campaigns and once I typed it out it was no longer rattling around in the fore of my thoughts.

I finished "Widdershins" by Charles de Lint. An excellent book, especially for me because it gives more detail on the world he's created within his Newford novels and it featured some of my favorite characters. Of course, this also gives me more fodder for the gaming.

I squeezed in about five episodes of Veronica Mars Season 2. I can blame Carlton and one or more of my co-workers for getting me curious enough to watch Season 1 so that I got hooked.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming to the Oktoberfest and staying late - the winding-down time at the end was my favorite part of the evening.

I'm glad to hear you're hooked on Veronica Mars. Now I'm not the only person I know watching it. I have the final episode to watch from season 2 and I have absolutely no idea how it's going to turn out. My favorite episode of Season 2 is "Donut Run". So as not to give anything away, I won't say anything about it other than "ingenious writing".

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