Saturday, September 30, 2006


Just a lot of miscellenia. My weight loss has stalled over the past week, bouncing between 220 and 222. I've upped my workout a little, and next week I'm in my own store all week (which means I'll stick to my diet because I won't have people taking me to lunch in appreciation or post-meeting meetings at pubs), so hopefully I can crack this and get back to dropping pounds of fat.

Last night could have been another transgression, as Weasel and I were supposed to meet at a pub where Guinness was supposed to be having a "win a home pub" contest. The place has really good pub food, and loaded potato skins are a weakness of mine. But I didn't even finish half a beer before the place had to be evacuated because of a gas leak.

Tonight I'm going to a party, but I'll just have to moderate myself, and tomorrow is the gym before going to the Fisher's ren faire, so I don't plan on getting carried away on food or drink.


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