Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pastor breaks from the Right

This article touches on a couple of notions I mull on. One is the involvement of religion in politics, the other is the compromising of faith for financial reasons.

The first is pretty straight forward. The Right has been very active is getting religion into politics. I really think that the polarization caused by the gay marriage issue kept Bush and many Conservatives in office, because it brought a lot of moderates over to the Right for that election.

The second is something I have talked about before. At what point does your church start being more about business than belief? I think about it almost every time I drive by the megachurch that is in my neighborhood. Running something that big takes a lot of money. When do you worry more about the bills than the message?

I have to applaud the pastor in the article. While I'm sure we don't agree on many things, he had the cajones to stand up and say that his church should not be involved in politics despite the financial backlash.

And to clarify, I'm not anti-Christian nor anti-Republican. There are a lot of good works done by Christians and their churches, and there are political points I agree with Republicans on.

But I am anti-theocracy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've actually put a couple of Boyd's books on my Amazon "wish/ get to it when funds are available" list. They look like fascinating reading for this agnostic who's always had problems with God/Evil situation...

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