Sunday, July 30, 2006

Weight update

Not much of an update really, seeing as I remain at 232 pounds. KNH sent me a text informing me that she is only 2 pounds away from her GenCon goal, which means she'll hit it (and I promise to be good and not wave Pringles under your nose).

This week was rough. I worked at another location on reconciling their inventory and things were really jacked up. Lots of stress, lots of driving (w00t for getting paid for drive time plus mileage), and going to lunch with their team meant that I didn't have my usual low-calorie lunch. Fortunately, I resisted the stressed induced urge to pig out late night, so I guess I should be glad that I didn't put back on weight.

So for those playing the home game... I weigh 245 last GenCon, 240 when I started the gym and 232 now. My original goal for GenCon when I joined the gym was 225, so I won't even be close. Maybe if I'm good between now and then I'll make 230. Not that I think people really care how much I weigh, but putting it out there gives me a little more motivation.

And the Pringles remain unopened.


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