Saturday, December 02, 2006

Customers bitch about packaging

This article is all about the evils of clamshell packaging and other means to delay our material gratification. Yes, I fight with the same blade-resistant adamantite-like plastic blisters. But I understand why we need them.

Three big reasons for all of the "secure" packaging. The first is to protect the product before it gets out of the store during its trip from some obscure region of China, overseas, then through a parcel service or a semi-trailer ride to the warehouse or store. Little Suzy is probably going to cry if she finds out that her Barbie was decapitated by the UPS driver's door.

The second is shoplifting. You be amazed at how fast the expert ones can pop open a package and lift the product. And to be honest, the packaging for DVDs and videogames are still woefully inadequate. The best idea I've heard is for the manufacturers to imprint the security tags on the discs themselves, right around the hole.

The third is the customer. Countless times I'll come across some hilljack opening up a package because they want to "take a look" or read the instructions, then after they do they'll put down the package they opened and pick up a new one to buy. Obviously these people didn't have the upbringing that I did; I was taught not to open things in the store (actually, it was not look, not touch).

Maybe if they'd just take my suggestion and yakuza shoplifters.


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