Friday, July 08, 2005

Two new D&D books

I used to have a sickness that compelled me to buy every D&D book that came out. I am much better now, which is a good thing since WOTC/Hasborg cranks out expensive books now at a steady rate.

However, I did pick up 2 recent releases: the Dungeon Masters Guide II and Weapons of Legacy.

Both books are okay, but I don't think that they justify the $40 and $35 dollar price tags. If you are thinking about buying these, look at a friend's first and see if you wouldn't want to wait for the Used shelf.

The DMG II is mostly advice. It might be more useful to a rookie GM, but to a 26 year veteran like myself, not so much.

Weapons of Legacy presents (or really, re-presents) an idea that will never be used as is. The basic concept is that Legacy Weapons are items that gain power as your character goes up in level. The basic premise is good... it lets the GM give items that will be really cool without unbalancing the game at lower levels. The catch is that the character must take feats (up to three) to use the additional abilities gained (in addition to some other sacrifices).

Both books rate 2.5 flying monkeys. If it wasn't for their high price tags, it would be three.


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