Friday, June 10, 2005

Best Borg downs and ups

It really started yesterday. Our General Manager told us that since our store wasn't closing enough sales, the department leaders would have to do evaluations on customer contact. These contact evaluations themselves are pretty easy. Then we are told how many we need to do... 2 for every employee working a shift Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This is Thursday afternoon, which means most of my team is gone (and I had been there since 5am), Friday night is a truck, which means a lot of employees working shifts and a lot to do, and I'm off Saturday. So basically I have to get all of mine done Friday, as we are told "do this or turn in your seperation notice."

I get to work Friday and find out that my department (Loss Prevention, Inventory and Merchandising all rolled together) has to do more than any of the sales teams. Sales is screwing up... but we have to do more of these evaluations than they do. I'm bordering on fuming and engaging in a little passive-agressive protest while knocking these out. I have a ton of stuff that I could do instead of this and I'm not a happy camper.

Then my trouble employee comes in and puts in her two weeks notice. :)

Then two cute young women from another department decide they need to give me a hug and come running over to hug me. When your a middle-aged bachelor like me and a couple of cute 18 year-olds decide they want to give you a hug, you don't ask why.

Then I find out that the GM that screwed me over in my last store, pushed for me to step down, and screwed me out of my bonus "is seeking other employment opportunities".

It's a good day after all.


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