Friday, August 04, 2006


I was a good boy this week and actually made it to the gym three times. I also cut more junk out of my diet, including one of my favorites, Maple Nut Goodie candy. I found out that a 7 ounce bag has 1000 calories. Want to know how fast I can go through a 7 ounce bag? Then there are the pound and a half bags I would buy at Menards.

As of this morning, I am down to 230 pounds. Not my goal, but progress. That means I've lost 15 pounds since last GenCon (a year ago), 10 of it since I started at the new gym.

My friend Nicole has been giving me a lot of encouragement. Of course, our supporting each other in our fitness endeavors became a lot more effective once we stopped teasing each other food. We actually got through an evening at her brother's without throwing a single piece of candy at each other or waving a single chip under the other's nose. Especially impressive since the table between us was laden with all sorts of verboten goodies. Including the aforementioned MNG's.


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