Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wolverine's Babes?

What's worse that writing a dork article like 13 Hottest Women Wolverine Has Slept With?. Writing it and getting it wrong!

Yes, I'm a Wolverine fan, though I finally gave up on the plethora of cross titles, one-shots, and mini-series, but I'm pretty sure the author of the above article has made several mistakes.

Number 8 (She-Hulk) - he turned her down with a remark along the lines of he didn't want Juggernaut's sloppy seconds.

Number 5 (Marilo Yashida) - even though they were engaged, I recall no indication they actually slept together. He was trying to be "civilized" about it, then she broke off the engagement. Even after it was revealed she was being influenced by Mastermind, she refused to get married until she had broken the criminal connections of her family.

Number 3 (Rogue) - wtf? No.

Number 2 (Jean Grey) - bzzzt! They never did it in mainstream continuity (Age of Apocalypse and Ultimate X-Men don't count, they are alternate realities).

And penalty points for using the wrong art for Number 10 (that is the wrong Black Widow) and Number 5 (that is the Mariko from Exiles who is not only from another reality but a lesbian).

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Blogger Falconsword said...

So, dude, quit bitchin and post your own version! The only thing that you lack to have strong blog mojo is some original content. Trashing someone elses badly done original content counts! LOL But seriously, fix it!

And didn't wolvie almost nail Shadow Cat at some point, or was that a fantasy of mine...hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have said that!

5:15 PM  

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