Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hulk Smash!

This is turning out to be a good summer for movies, and I'm sure after this weekend there will be some celebrating in the Marvel offices. Forget Ang Lee's Hulk-like movie, go see this one. While not quite as good as Iron Man, it is still a good movie with lots of little touches for comic fans and fans of the old tv series.

This movie is not a sequel to Ang Lee's. But the "origin story", which they radically changed for those familiar with the comics, is distilled down to about 5 minutes and we get on with the story of the movie... Bruce Banner on the run while trying to find a cure.

Also, they give the Hulk a villain from his actual comic to fight, the Abomination,in a good old fashioned Hulk smash knockdown brawl. None of that trippy Nick-Nolte-elemental Ang Lee blah blah blah. Hulk smash.

Its directness is both a strength and a weakness. There were no surprises (especially thanks to the internet). It was all very predictable. Fortunately the acting was solid, the action was good, and the story was decent.

And Hulk smash.

My rating: 3.5 of 5 gamma-irradiated green flying monkeys

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I initially walked out of the movie somewhat disappointed. The Abomination was disturbing and that final fight seen actually make me cringe out loud. And the fact that scientists were so willing to give all these enhancement chemicals to a psychotic stranger (to facilitate Abomination) was an unforgivable plot device.

However, after reflecting on it over the past day or so, Ed Norton's performance really made the movie enjoyable. Unlike other Marvel movies, the CGI really got in the way of more than it helped my enjoyment of the film. And the fact that The Hulk wasn't a mad, mindless brute (at least by the end of the film) made the story line seem like it actually had a direction instead of an accidental positive outcome.

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