Friday, May 09, 2008

1 hit point orcs... wtf?

WotC had a big update today for the 4e preview material, including a link to a pdf full of orcs.

Reading through, I noticed that the "minions" had 1 hit point. One. Uno. Ichi. Even the Level 9 minion had 1 hp.


I get the notion of popcorn monsters, but this takes it to an extreme. It's an excuse to clutter the board with minis which means people in theory would need to buy more minis. I'm not plunking down any money for an effing mini with 1 effing hit point.

Then again, I won't be using the 1 hit point minion rule. A poster on the EN World board made a valid point... he doesn't want every dungeon crawl to be Sailor Moon meets Kill Bill.

The House Rules will be coming.

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