Saturday, May 03, 2008

New PC checklist

I bought a new PC to replace my gaming one, which a friend is buying. Before I can set up the new machine, I have a checklist that has been in my head to get done. While not all of these are crucial, it gives me motivation to do stuff I've been putting off by tying it in to the new toy.

I figure maybe actually typing this out will also help me stay on track. That, and if I don't finish it, M and N can mock encourage me.

Assemble new bookcase for bedroom (it has been in a box for roughly 6 months)
Move antique table from shrine to bedroom
Assemble comic boxes
Clean and swap bookcases in den
Move any files I want to keep from old g-pc to shared folder on my main pc
Purge browser info from Firefox (bookmarks and passwords)
Copy down Vent info
Make sure Trend Micro and Spysweeper are fully uninstalled

Any bets on how long it will be before I have the Chronovore up and running?




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