Monday, March 10, 2008

Silly stuff around the web

Off on a weekday and LOTRO down for server maintenance, so instead of doing something productive this morning I browsed.

Luke Skywalker's Lost Letters From Dagobah

Five Movie Fighting Styles
Note of amusement - Kung Fu Magazine declared the bat'leh a viable weapon.

The lolcat bible translation

Oo... Flying Spaghetti Monster may have some competition from Ceiling Cat.

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Blogger E said...

Freakin' cool film clip--Push Hands with guns!! Nice...It pushed believability a little bit for me when he killed the roomful of guys with submachine guns though...:(

And did you see the lolcats have done the whole Bible??? OMFGS!!! Screw re-reading the Good News one or whatever version I've got on the shelf right now, I'll read the lolcats one and cross it off my To Do list!!! LMFAO!

4:11 PM  

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