Monday, March 10, 2008

MavenCon report

Nothing like a convention, a late night party, daylight savings time, and a 12 hour inventory to mess with you. But now I am recovering, so I'll tap a few notes about MavenCon.

Friday was shortish. I got there after work and waiting for rush hour to abate. I was able to get in on a playtest session for a game. Because of the NDA, I can't say much. It's an RPG system with an interesting concept but way too complicated to catch on. I know whenever I start tinkering with a rule system, I have to watch for crunch bloat, where my "cool ideas" to add detail bog the game down. I try to think of my more casual players and contemplate whether my latest addition would be so complex that they would be put off.

More MavenCon after the jump...

We also had our Mavens meeting, the largest yet (that I've been to) since folks at MCon could attend the meeting. Since the hotel was kind enough to provide every seat in the meeting with a pad of paper an impromptu paper airplane contest erupted.

After the meeting was a fun filled drive home in blowing snow. I love when someone annoyed passes me in a snowstorm only to find out the hard way there is a reason I'm driving slow.

Saturday was the long day. I mixed up the start time for two games I was interested in, so showed up on time for the one that was already full and too late for the one that would have had space. I was able to play a few games of Lifeboats, not to be confused with Lifeboat, a game with a similar name and theme. I won two of three games mainly by hanging onto my trumps until the end, after my opponents had burnt theirs early on.

I was able to meet up with a friend from my college days and we hung out and had dinner with some mutual friends. Feel old moment: his son is old enough to drink now.

Eventually, I made it to the BarFleet party. I ended up joining BarFleet (surprise there... Sci Fi + Booze = win) and was saddled with the BarFleet nickname of Ihavenoclue, my response to the XO when he asked what my BarFleet name was. In retrospect, it could come in handy after too many of the really evil drinks they make new recruits and promoted members drink.

"What's your name?"
"I have no clue."

Fortunately, I didn't get too hammered, though it could have been easy with all you can drink booze and some of the stealth concoctions. There were enough people there that I knew that I didn't spend the evening holding up a bulkhead.

And since daylight savings time meant 1 less hour of sleeping time, I didn't stay to the bitter end and called it a night around 3 am. I didn't set a wake-up call because I knew my internal clock wouldn't let me sleep too late. Fortunately, my hangover was a dull yellow alert and gone by the time I got to Kokomo to start their inventory.

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