Saturday, March 01, 2008

More 4e tidbits

I've been checking EN World's 4th Edition page regularly as news continues to trickle in from the DDXP (Dungeons & Dragons Experience).

A couple of highlights:
The character sheets being used at the DDXP are available for download.

Massawyrm from AICN posted his second 4e review, this one focusing on the DM's perspective.

So far, it looks encouraging, though it will be a bit of a shift for old-timers (like me). I'm already starting to formulate ideas for a home-brew monk class to tide my campaign over until something official comes out. I intend to do the same for bard and druid (the latter I suspect will be the hardest).

Fortunately, the two players I have in my D&D campaign right now are good sports about being rules guinea pigs.



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