Sunday, February 24, 2008

Champion Online

When I first read the headline "Champions Online" I thought there was no way it would be referring to the venerable pen-and-paper superhero RPG. But it turns out that Champions Online is indeed Champions. You can check the article out here

Champions Online

Even better... it's being made by Cryptic Studios. That's right, the folks that made City of Heroes and City of Villains.

I'm already wondering if the first expansion will be Dark Champions Online.

In a way, Champions lends itself to conversion pretty well. There are three "pools" to manage in the pen-and-paper RPG: Stun, Body and Endurance. While I wouldn't be surprised if Stun and Body got rolled into one stat, in Champions combat you had to manage your Endurance carefully. I suspect Speed will affect attack/action recharge time.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cryptic got the rights to the Champions/Dark Champions *Universe* The system used won't be the Hero I'll wait and see. I have no particular like/dislike for CU, so I'll wait on beta tester reviews.

On another Hero-note, they will be releasing 6th Edition at GenCon 09

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