Sunday, March 25, 2007

One of *those* weekends

I knew Friday that this was going to be one of those weekends. One where I'd be hurrying around and feeling like I wasn't getting much done. I had work, a gaming convention, a ritual, a gaming org meeting, a work meeting and an out-of-town inventory scheduled across Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So I knew things would be hectic.

I got to work Friday morning and it was raining. In my warehouse. Again.

Then I found out that the meeting that was supposed to mark the end of my day at work would be an hour later, estimated to end at 5pm. MavenCon was scheduled to start at 6pm and the game I was playing in at 7pm. This of course meant that my meeting would run long. And it did.

So I scarfed down some food, hurried to MC, and found that the GM for my event was running late. He might not be there until 10pm. I hung out a bit, talked to a couple of guys that grew up in the same general area (greater Chicagoland) as me, got into a game of Munchkin. Then the GM arrived.

One thing that a lot of people like about the Mavens is that they are a very family-friendly group. That doesn't mean 10 year-olds should be playing in an event with adults. It gets even worse when some of the adults are as bad as the kid. I left at midnight, unsatisfied, because in addition to enduring the kid's constant antics, I knew the scenario would get nowhere close to finished as the players were killing each other off faster than the monsters.

The next mornig I woke up early to finalize liturgy. I had been agonizing over how I wanted to rewrite a portion of our liturgical framework. I had lots of vague notions and research didn't really bring anything to the surface. Finally, I accepted that what I was going to use was going to have to come from my own mind and worked out things to my satisfaction. Now all I had to do was eat lunch, go grocery shopping, and get some materials for ritual in time to be at the Maven meeting at 1pm.

Why is it that things are in abundance until I look for them?

I get to the meeting, still needing the materials for ritual. I mentally map out my route home to avail me the best chance of finding what I need, get me home in time to pack things up, have dinner and get to ritual. When the meeting adjourned, I decided not to stick around MavenCon, giving myself as much time as possible. I actually get almost an hour extra to chill out, which I end up spending organizing thoughts regarding my work meeting Sunday am. I down my dinner and head to ritual.

As we wait for everyone to gather, I go through the liturgy changes in my head, wondering if I should use a script. When I go scriptless, I usually don't flub my lines, and even if I do I can improvise around it. But I think the hecticness of the weekend was weighing on me. I don't mess up the new lines, I mess up the ones I didn't change and my brain locks up. I have to restart, and it happens again. My brain locks. I realize I haven't even changed into my ritual garb.

Even during the part of the ritual where I do use the script, I get Ozlexic and mangle a couple of lines. Not screeching to a stop mangle, but bad enough that I notice and probably throw other people off. After short post-ritual socializing I go home, probably the earliest I've been home from ritual. Exhausted, I go to bed, knowing I have to be up at 6am this morning to go to a work meeting.

Now the meeting is over, and in a couple of hours I go to Ft. Wayne (about 2 hour drive) for an inventory that could go late into the night. Then I get to drive home.



Anonymous Liz said...

At least you didn't have to sit at home reading about facultative vs obligative reinsurance treaties...*grins and winks*

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Flaire said...

the pitty party begins...our computer crashed last Sunday because Mike - my beloved husband that I promised to love and cherish - but not trust - decided to edit the registry to get the flash player to view. He succeeded in that, but managed to blow out the mother board and power supply. Yes, we are still married, but the jury is out on how long...

The rest of the week was typical BS until Thursday. I received a forwarded e-mail from a banking center president some 300 miles away accusing my department of - and I quote - "crap," "wielding power and control." and "overstepping their designated boundaries." I laughed at first, then I got mad.

So this weekend, I took a ton of resarch home, went through it all, wrote down the facts (I'm too mad to write down anything else) for a 9:00 meeting Monday morning with my boss, my big boss and our auditor.

Did I mention that the employee who tracks all this stuff was out sick Thursday and Friday???

Ok, so my computer is crashed. We weighed the options and bought a new computer (versus ordering one from Dell) at a very familiar retail chain to you. Of course, the one we want is out of stock and backordered until Goddess knows when, so we get the next higher up model, and paid for a 19" widescreen monitor on top of it. Total cost for my beloved's "dee-de-du" - $1400.

I take it home. I set it up. And I rediscvoer why Bill Gates is the Anti-Christ. PC-Cillin (our anti-virus and anti-phishing software) won't run on Vista. Adobe Photoshop won't run. Pinnacle won't run. Um, the whole reason we bought a $1400 package with a 19" widescreen monitor and the best graphics card, memory and processor was specifically to do video and graphics editing. So you - Bill Gates - are telling me that the $4000+ that we have sunk into software over the last two years is worthless now?!

Oh yea, I could get a patch for all of my software - *if* I were upgrading from XP to Vista. But I'm not. I'm trying to migrate legitimate software to a new machine.

And I can't do it.

It took me 1/2 hour to set up the printer. And 1.5 hours to set up the cable modem. The "allow" or "deny" popups are just as annoying as the Mac commercial - if not more so.

My workaround-solution is to house the old hard-drive in a USB case and connect it to the new comptuter as a periphery device. Then migrate the data. Of course, the only place that has an SATA housing is Radio Shack (Goddess love them) and I had to order it. It will be here in 5-8 working days...

So until that I am screwed. I am taking my chances on posting here, as Norton comes free for 60 days, but doesn't cover browser security. Um...hello????

Don't get Vista. Don't upgrade. Avoid it at all costs. It is worse than the '95 to'98 upgrade. I wish we had spent the extra $1400 and bought a Mac...

And U still have that **** Mondary meeting...

11:44 PM  
Blogger Oz said...

I am avoiding Vista (or as I call it Fist-ya) like the plague. Every computer I get seems to have more and more crap on it that pops up left and right, and everything I hear about Vista is that it's a huge pain in the ass for some pretty GUI. I think the reason I still mostly use my older PC is that a couple of years ago when my hard drive crashed and I had a new one put in, I escaped all of the preinstalled stuff that plagues PCs nowadays.

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Vanessa said...

Yeah, that game at MavenCon wasn't the most fun I've ever had. After the other players (the kid mainly) killed me off immediately, I stopped playing. Still, MavenCon was fun overall! Hope you had fun for the most part!

2:11 PM  

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