Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hilary = 1984 video

So everyone is denying knowing anything about this ad. That's the beauty of the Internet Age... plausible deniability. Of course the candidates aren't going to know about stuff like this, it lets them keep their hands clean while "independent" mudslingers do the dirty work.

You know, maybe I'm Machiavellian, but I wouldn't be surprised if this originated from Clinton's "camp" just to make Obama look bad. Think about it... who does this ad make look worst? Sure, it's a jab at Hillary, but it's just imagery with no substance. It's like taking a punch just so that you can charge the other guy with assault.

Maybe it's good that I'm not in politics.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thing is, this came from You Tube...It could be literally anybody making it...

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason it's generating so much buzz:

It states exactly how many people feel about Clinton... Including me.

Gogo, Obama. You have my vote... Currently.

8:09 AM  
Blogger Falconsword said...

The source was revealed yesterday. It was created by an ad company that has worked for the Great Black Hope, oh, sorry, I mean Obama. It was made 'without the campaign's knowledge or approval' is the official word. Yeah, sure, right.

This election campaign will be the most fun because the freaking dems are going to eat themselves alive. I love how Algore is lurking around the edges, acting the great savior of all things environmental, saying he's not running be secretly hoping Obama and Bubba's Wife bloody each other enough to slip into the cracks. And don't forget Howlin Howey and Silkey Pony out there in the wings. Ooooh, but I love a lame duck year! Don't get all excited lbfh, the dems don't stand a chance. The repubs are playing it cool and waiting, this will let them target the front runner more directly.
I seldom get involved until primary season rolls around, but I might be different this year. I'm seriously considering volunteering for a Draft Fred Thompson organization. This man is simply freaking awesome. You should have heard him sitting in for the old fart Andy Rooney the other day. He had a few 'words' on the illegal alien debate that were like nuclear bombs. He's been a US Senator and an actor and is just a no-nonsense awesome character. Picture Ross Perot, minus the ears and psycho dellusions.
Maybe I should post this on my own blog and stop wasting Oz's band width?

1:02 PM  

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