Saturday, March 10, 2007

Campaign video sleight-of-hand

In this day and age, people should know better. If you try any shenanigans with media, someone is going to figure it out and expose it, like what happened to John Edwards here.

While the creative editting wasn't too horrible, it shows that he has folks on his staff that are willing to play fast and loose with the truth. Probably Edwards didn't know about the switcheroo, but that still makes anything else coming out of his campaign as "fact" currently rather suspect in my eyes.

Best thing he could do: figure out who was responsible and conduct a very public firing.

edit: and I shouldn't post first thing in the morning... typo-rama. Ozlexia at its finest (hopefully fixed).



Anonymous Dave T said...

After watching it, it seemed fairly trivial...probably better not to have done it, but hey, it shows support for his health care initiative, and I believe support is out there, just not as visible as that clip implied. I do think some Republicans are running scared if this is the worst they can find.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Oz said...

I agree the edit itself is pretty minor, but I think it was a major screw-up by whoever okayed the edit for the very reason that it casts doubt and gives the otherside ammo.

Anyone thinking the other side won't dig into and find stuff like this is very naive (and probably shouldn't be working in the campaign industry).

4:00 PM  
Anonymous lbfh said...

The thing that is not trivial is the audience reaction. Getting a big cheer about healthcare would make a voter sit up and say, "Geez, if these people think his healthcare deserves applause, that's awesome!"

EW. Down with Edwards.

11:03 AM  

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