Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Walking the walk?

OK, I'm guilty of not being anywhere near as green as I should be. But I'm not getting paid scads of money to be the standard bearer for the environment either. You'd think that given his political experience, Al Gore would know people would look at stuff like in this article. His spokesperson or whatever says that he invests in green energy to offset the $1,200 dollar a month electrical bill for his 10,000 square foot mansion, but of course there are no details.

Sorry, if I was championing a cause like that and such a public figure, I'd be having some solar panels and wind mills hooked up at my home, not to mention all of the energy efficient technology out there. Because if I could afford to maintain a 10,000 square foot mansion as one of my homes, I could afford those new super-efficient light bulbs that Wal-Mart is touting as part of their green store initiative.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Supposedly, you can buy credits to erase your carbon footprint for being a gas-guzzling, non-green consumer. I caught an episode of "Living with Ed" on TV once by mistake, and he paid for credits to offset his wife's airline flight. I don't know how it works, and it sounds like more "big money can do whatever they want" to me.

9:10 PM  
Blogger Falconsword said...

Unlike his not note-worthy film more aptly titles an inconvenient lie, I guess this article should be considered the inconvient truth. Just like most eco-nazi, they expect us, the little people, to suffer and sacrafice while they jet around the world preaching and bible thumping. Al Gore's so called carbon footprint looks more like a carbon-plutonium bomb if you factor in his FIVE houses, two dozen cards (including two Ford Expeditions), and hundreds of plane flights a year.

Why does anyone take anything this will practiced political liar says seriously?

Worse of all, now President Bush is beginning to believe this crap. Just take a look at how the UN has recently 'revised' their baseline estimates based on global warming and climate change. Follow the money and power. Global Warming is a bigger boone to the ego maniac control the world crowd than health care, the war on drugs, and the war on terror combined. EVERYTHING can be blamed on it! Too hot? Global Warming! Too cold? GLOBAL WARMING! Too much rain? Too little rain? No storms? More storms? It never ends.

Take this as a "Raven" moment Oz, and see how it "FEELS" deep down.

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