Sunday, January 28, 2007

Unions cry over biometrics

Unions in NYC are crying foul because the city government plans to use hand scanners to register when people clock in and out in its agencies. The article can be found here.

I like a good "big brother" protest as much as the next blogger, but in this case, the unions are being... what's the phrase I'm looking for... whiny bitches.

The only difference between using a biometric scanner to punch in and out and using a conventional timeclock or a computer is that it eliminates fraud. Oh Noes! The sky is falling!

As the article points out, there are better ways to "track" people. I think the unions just need something to bitch about so that they can justify the dues they are getting paid.

It's not that I hate unions. There are legitimate cases where they serve a purpose. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of cases where they've gotten too big for their britches and they become a liability. One of the reasons GenCon So Cal was shut down was that unions made it too hard and expensive for the exhibitors to show there.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work for a biometrics company here in Atlanta, GA that specializes in fingerprint recognition technology called M2SYS. This is a battle I'm fighting everyday.. People don't seem to understand that these systems don't even store a copy of the fingerprint on file. It is instead, a small, 100 byte binary file that simply represents a few strategic points on a person's finger that can't even be decrypted outside outside the proprietary system. And even if it could.. it is still completely and utterly useless data outside of the fingerprint system.

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