Saturday, September 10, 2005

Movie Review: Transporter 2

I'll start off by saying I like the original movie, The Transporter. It had a very different feel for an action movie, one that I call European. Well, Hollywood got its American paws on the sequel and muddied it up.

I still like the lead, Jason Statham, who does a good job reprising his role as Frank Martin. He excels in fight scenes, where his ability to do his own stunts allow wider views of the action, and he's very believable in his role. Amber Valleta does a good job in her role, even though she doesn't get much screen time. I'd heard she was a model, so I didn't expect much, but again she was believable.

OK, now that we are done with what's believable, there's the rest of the movie. The stunts in the Dukes of Hazzard are more believable. And that's saying something, since we know the DoH universe is one with slightly silly rules of physics that allows cars to jump 20' in the air and drive away.

The plot is an excuse for the action. Sure, it is an action movie so I wouldn't expect Forrest Gump or Rain Man, but again the Dukes have more plot. And the lingerie assassin... I guess she's to get the guys into the theater. Which may work if you are into heavily mascaraed strung-out crack whores in expensive lingerie. Valleta, who kept her clothes on, was much more appealing. Or better yet, where is the hot Chinese chick from the first movie?

Speaking of the first movie, the French Inspector returns, though he and Frank talk almost exclusively by phone so the interaction from the first movie is missing. And he can miraculously get into the US Marshall computer system and pull up files based on pictures Frank sends him from an iPod (the Dukes would have made a more believable use of an iPod but they still have an 8-Track).

Overall... two coked-up mascara-plastered lingerie-wearing flying monkeys.


Blogger CeltiaSkye said...

Keith and I saw the Dukes of Hazzard last weekend. I'm placing this movie in the same category as "King Arthur": I recognized the names but the plot bore practically no resemblance to the original mythology. At least the soundtrack rocked. :)

8:12 PM  
Blogger Oz said...

I almost bought the soundtrack... until I saw Jessica Simpson was the second song (I was hoping she would be last... easy to skip).

8:55 AM  

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