Sunday, August 28, 2005

Transitive Reality

I made that term up to describe many of my dreams. Hopefully other people experience this... because if not I may be crazy.

I my dreams, my perspective or point of view can change fluidly, as well as my surroundings. The dream I had just before I woke up had to do with my character in an RPG (that only existed in that dream) trying to get permission from another character's father to get to some social ball. My potential "date" reminded me of my girlfriend I went to prom with... though I'm not sure if that was the player or the character and the name was wrong. I was at the district office for Best Buy in the mall, waiting for her father to show up and decided to get a haircut, which made me look like a cancer patient and ended up in the parking lot where I was trying to mentally park a car. I went back inside and ran into the GM and the father, who shot me down because his daughter was going with some high society guy because the GM had set that up so Joani (I think that was her name) could work on her social standing score (the GM showed me the sheet with notes, which is where I got the name from). Don't ask me why the GM and the father, who should be an NPC, were having a pint at a place that looked like a Scottish version of Applebees.

Maybe I shouldn't have been working on my Firefly campaign right before bed.


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