Tuesday, July 08, 2008

207: The Six Pound Challenge

My friend Nicole set a goal of losing 6 pounds by GenCon and challenged me to do the same. Give that my weight loss had ceased and even reversed a little, I needed something to prod me out of my complacent state.

After deciding that making a food bet would be counter-productive, we decided just to throw down the weight gauntlet in our blogs. Nothing like the public eye to make your self-conscious about stopping by Culver's for a caramel cashew sundae or hitting the gym even though you'd rather go home and loaf.

So my official weigh in for the start of our challenge is 207. If I succeed, odds are good I'll hit my long term goal of getting under 200, as I tend to lose a couple of pounds over GenCon (no snacking and lots of walking).



Anonymous Anonymous said...

KNH told me about this today when I went to her house for dinner. I think I invited myself to the contest! I need a jumpstart too and that's about the amount I want to lose.

Guess I will have to commit to it in my own post... after a piece of cheesecake?

9:51 PM  

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