Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Risus - the Anything RPG

Using the Universal Comedic System, this game system has been used for everything from Firefly to Super-hero gaming. The entire base system is 6 pages. 6! And it's free! You can download it here.

The whole basis of the game is that characters are composed of Cliches that are rated 1-6, higher being better. So I might be:

Martial-Artist (2)
Beer God (3)
Gamer (4)
Neo-Pagan Clergy (2)
Near-sighted - wears glasses

There are a few options (which is why the system is 6 pages). Now I'm chewing in my brain how to use this system. Even though it's designed as a beer-and-pretzels late-night pick-up game system, it's been put to use for full-blown campaigns.


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