Friday, April 02, 2010

More MicroZ Magic Musings

First let me say I hate retyping spell lists.

While I was working on MicroZ Supers, I came up with a mechanic to reflect the exertions of using more strenuous powers without taking them directly from hit points a la Microlite and MicroZ. Characters would have a Stamina score, equal to their Hit Points, akin to the Endurance stat used in Hero Games. More taxing powers and putting in extra effort would cause fatigue, as would taking damage, which would be applied to Stamina. Once Stamina hit zero, nighty-night.

There are a few more details, but that gives the jist. It would be possible for characters to run out of steam without being in danger of dying from it. I've begun to chew on whether I can apply this mechanic to MicroZ Fantasy.

(At this point my play-testers/guinea pigs MB and Weasel are probably going "here we go again".)

The trick is that the whole point of distilling D&D to a Micro game is to simplify it. Would this add to much complexity? Because now we'd have to track Stamina and Hit Points separately, with different rules for recovering Stamina.

My other worry is that spell-casting is more restrained than 4E and 3.x. And I like that, I've often sought a less videogamey approach to magic for my games.

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