Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Hit It With My Axe

This video (posted after the jump) posted on The Escapist has been a popular topic on the RPG blogs. Because it's not just a video of people playing D&D, it's a video of (mostly) porn stars and strippers playing D&D.

Before you get all excited and clicky, there is no porn. Everyone has their clothes on, it's really people playing D&D. We get to see the new player being introduced to making a character and the explanation of the basis of the game, something veterans will find familiar. There's the deliberation as the party debates how to get out of the latest jam (the new player wants to hypnotize the guard, freeze him, then chop him in half).

My favorite line:
[DM] ... and last session you started a drunken brawl, burnt down the inn, and killed a bunch of people...

That practically gave me flashbacks.

The video is not safe for work due to dialogue in a couple of spots, so use headphones.

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