Saturday, January 16, 2010

So much for that idea

I'm mentally declaring my idea for a post-apocalypse/fantasy campaign setting dead.

As with most of my ideas, it was shiny while it was new, but it didn't hold my interest.

My next abandoned idea is a setting that is 50% cinematic Sherlock Holmes, 25% Charles de Lint, with the rest varying dashes of Steampunk, Harry Potter, Dark Materials, Van Helsing, Sleepy Hollow, Dresden Files and various folk/fairy tales from the British Isles.

The basic premise would be a an English secret society accidentally broke the Milesian Accords trying to influence the Revolutionary War. As a result magic and things unseen began leaking back into the world.

This of course means I would get to play with history. Or I will until I get bored.

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Blogger CeltiaSkye said...

If you want to hop across the pond at some point, the Seventh Son series by Orson Scott Card gives a good idea of what magic would be like in frontier america. I have the first few books in the series if you want to borrow them.

4:43 PM  

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