Friday, August 14, 2009

GenCon - Day 2

Gaming is what GenCon is about, and today was about gaming for us. We had two events we had scheduled back during our organization party. The first one was a D&D game (pictured) where for the first time (I think) I played a gnome, a chaotic neutral gnome rogue. This is the rpg equivalent of handing me a can of gasoline and a book of matches. Fortunately I restrained my more chaotic impulses and settled for chewing up the scenery and hamming it up with a high, nasal voice. I think our party wizard was irritated with me, but that's okay because he sucked as a wizard.

Since Nicole and I dressed as our characters from the Firefly LARP we played a couple years ago, we had GBH take some pics. I think his ideas for the shots turned out pretty well.

One of the things I noticed in the dealer hall was that Paizo had restocked Pathfinder. Remember the huge line I mentioned yesterday? Today there was a huge pile of books. I didn't pick one up, but I did get a copy of Adventurer's Vault 2. I also got a few dice, I kept finding better dice for the same character. Fortunately it was just 3d6 each time, so it didn't rack up too much of a bill.

Our last event was another RPG, this one a d20 Pulp. It was fun, although I was starting to tire. My character managed to abruptly end a car chase by bringing down a boulder from higher up the mountain to take out the pursuing car. Yay Natural 20!

Tomorrow is the most complex because I have three costume changes.

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