Thursday, August 13, 2009

GenCon - Day 0

Wednesday is the new Thursday. More and more attendees are arriving early and more events are appearing on Wednesdays to accommodate them. Most of these are open gaming, but the big one on Wednesday is the Forum Stink, put on by the Indy Mavens. This year would be the 6th Stink and the theme was Vegas.

The hardest part about the Stink is getting it all together. As part of the set-up team, I went downtown early, much earlier than the 3 o'clock we were to get access to the ballroom. But in years past, the room has been empty and open ahead of time. Not so much this year. It was full of business people having some sort of meeting and/or training.

I killed time until we could get into the hall. Once we got access, set-up went smooth and much quicker than before. Deciding not to pack a hundred swag bags helped speed things along. The biggest complication was that the souvenir dice we had ordered from on of the dice companies had been left behind. These were rushed to us, but didn't end up arriving until halfway through the Stink.

The other disappointment was that Peter Atkinson didn't make it while I was there. I left a few minute before the end to get to N-Con, so it's feasible he showed those last few minutes.

N-Con is Nicole's annual pre-con get together. It involves food, beer, games, movies, and gaming friends both local and from out-of-town.

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