Thursday, August 13, 2009

GenCon - Day 1

Made it downtown in time to find a decent parking space and got to the Convention Center with enough time to wander a little before the Exhibit Hall opened to the gathered masses. I opted to wait for the crowd to go in rather than get jostled and bludgeoned by backpacks.

I had no "must gets" this year, so I wandered the Hall, starting with the art show. The Paizo booth had a monster line due to the release of Pathfinder (D&D 3.7), with people in line holding multiple copies of the monster $50 book.

I did end up picking up a couple of new releases from the folks that put out the Serenity RPG, Six-Guns and Spaceships and the Cortex System. One of the things I'll be looking at is if it would be easier to run Sundered Veil in Cortex than P39.

A lot of time (and money) ended up being spent at the Reaper Mini booth. Their salespeople deserve credit... if you give them a character description they will come up with a mini as close as possible.

The mini and brush purchases were for a workshop Nicole and I had, Blending For Cheaters. I was pretty unsatisfied with my results, though I understood the technique. I think the highlight was that the instructor was wearing a Captain Hammer t-shirt. This was significant because Nicole and I were both wearing Captain Hammer t-shirts. Is that a spork in my leg? Hilarious.

After some more hall browsing, one of Nicole's guests told us he had a free pass for two tickets to see a sneak preview of District 9. Fortunately I was able to score a pass at the theater itself just by asking a lone stranger for their spare ticket. The move was good, but a bit uncomfortable to watch. See it.

Tomorrow we have two games.

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