Thursday, June 04, 2009

Another one bites the dust

So I took my ailing PC to the Nerd Herd after I couldn't get the gorram video card to work right. After a couple of hours of fiddling with it, the tech told me:

1) I needed a new power supply as the old one didn't put out enough juice to fire the card when it was running in anything other than barebones video.
2) The card was conflicting with the firewire card.
3) My hard drive cried itself to sleep at night and didn't have long left.

His recommendation was that the machine was not worth sinking the money into it. I had them back up my docs and setting to my protable hard drive and took the machine home to yank the card so I can return it. Since he didn't catch the hard drive problem right off the bat, he didn't charge me anything for the time he spent trying to get it to work.

Now I'll need to re-arrange the den and move Chronovore (my gaming pc) to the main desk. I may yank out the small desk and add another book case, because I can never have too many bookcases. Plus it would be better than adding a minifridge.

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