Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Project 39 - Fighter first draft

I figured the fighter would be a good class to start my Project 39 endeavor. I'm using the overall template for classes used in Modern d20 and Star Wars Saga Edition (SWSE), with alternating feats and talents. I'm also only building to Level 20... my campaigns very rarely reach epic levels and that represents a whole new set of headaches.

This draft of the fighter is meant to be much simpler to run than a 4e fighter, with a lot of talents applying persistent modifiers to attacks to certain weapons with a few special moves triggered by burning surges.

I am eschewing the encounter/daily uses for fighter talents. While that system is better than the Vancian system for spell-casters, it didn't sit quite right with me for fighters.

The next step will be to sit down and build some fighters of the same level in P39 and 4e and see how they compare in performance on the battle mat.

Also, I've decided to use condition steps as in SWSE. My math for determining damage threshold is Fortitude Defense or Bloodied value, whichever is lower. This makes it easy to compute on the fly from existing stat blocks.

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