Friday, October 17, 2008

New Star Trek movie pictures

You can check out the gallery here.

Quinto totally brings his Sylar creepiness to Spock. Your brain is Spock's brain!

I think whoever wrote the captions got a couple of things wrong.

The Federation starship taking damage doesn't look to be the Enterprise. Look at the visible letters and ship number. My guess is the scene is setting up the bad guy showing him or his minions taking down another starship.

The scene that claims Kirk is slipping down into a crevasse? He's climbing out of what looks to be a crashed shuttle or some sort of landing pod.

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Blogger Jonathan said...

but.. but... all the crew members look like they just got out of high school! ... and Kirk looks like a surfer.. /crylikeababyscififan

2:11 PM  

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