Friday, October 10, 2008

Core Mechanic - WotC follows up on

The Core Mechanic had a post regarding a recent WotC article on death in 4e. (I'd link to the WotC article but their site is being temperamental). He points out that failed death saves remain in play until a character rests. This makes things a little dicier for characters that Chumbawumba.* The question came up as to whether "rest" meant short or extended. Given that the design philosophy seemed to be to get the minis back on the mat as quick as possible, they probably intended a short rest.

See my comments after the jump for my ruling for my campaign.

I had missed that also (failed healing saves staying in force until rest). As I run a slightly grittier world, I'll require an extended rest to clear clear all failed saves but allow healing surges to be used to clear failed saves during short rests (one surge per failed save).

* As in Tub-thumping... "I got knocked down, I get up again".

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