Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Death Charity clause" - wtf?

I was reading this post regarding the RPGA's Living Forgotten Realms rules making the game "god-mode" when I saw this clause:

#2: Invoke the Death Charity clause. If the group cannot afford to pay for the ritual (or doesn’t desire to do so), the PC can choose to return back to life at the end of the adventure. Doing so forfeits all rewards (including treasure and story rewards) earned for the adventure except experience points gained prior to the character’s death (the character receives the experience point award for the encounter in which they died). The PC cannot participate in the same adventure a second time."

Wow... do they have respawn points? Don't get me wrong, I allow the use of Raise Dead in my campaign, though it's a little more expensive and there may be plot complications, but this is just... silly. All death becomes is an inconvenience, just like in an MMO.

And some people wonder why there's Edition Hate out there.

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