Saturday, June 07, 2008

Viking test

Your Score: Skald

You scored 16% leadership, 61% spirituality, 7% violence and 38% intelligence!

FOLLOWER - SPIRITUAL - PEACEFUL - EDUCATED Skalds are the Norse equivalent to bards, or possibly minstrels. They are the ones responsible for over half of what we now know about Scandinavian culture, royalty and mythology today, for they passed down their lore by word of mouth and song from generation to generation until Snorri Sturlusson of Iceland wrote down the Eddas in the 13th century. Skalds were gifted poets with quick tongues who flattered kings with their art, and occasionally the kings themselves would be known as skalds (or else!). Skalds were highly respected for their wit and intelligence, and in some folklore, they were said to know of events happening in far off lands as they were happening.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hail Well met, fellow Skald!

Your Score: Skald
You scored 11% leadership, 47% spirituality, 11% violence and 35% intelligence

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