Friday, May 16, 2008

4e preview - Magic Items

WotC has been cranking out excerpts from the upcoming 4e books three times a week. Today's featured something near and dear to every player: Magic Items.

Overall, I don't mind the reduction of the importance of carrying around an arsenal of mystic goodies as I myself have run some magic item lean campaigns. But, as usual, I won't be able to let the new rules stand intact.

One of the cool things about getting magic items was figuring out what they were. One of the most memorable moments in one of my D&D games occurred when the players, lacking a wizard of their own, went to the local wizards' guild to get a magic ring identified.

Literal Mage: What do you want?
Player: (Holding up ring) Can you identify this?
Literal Mage: Yes.
Player: (After confused pause) What is it?
Literal Mage: It is a ring.

They went on to negotiate a price to have Literal Mage identify and tell them the magic properties of the ring, but to this day "it is a ring" still gets uttered in my gaming group.

Now, if a player gets a magic item, to identify it they have to take a short rest.

Huh? Where's the frakking fun in that? Weapons and armor can be tested in battle, but more complicated items should require some skill, research or magic to figure out (or hiring someone with one of the three).

*sniff* *sniff* I smell a house rule.



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