Saturday, August 19, 2006

Post Gen Con Blahs

One of the topics on the GC forums is the Post GenCon Depression some people are feeling, beyond the obvious "The Con is closing" letdown. I don't really have the PGC Blues, but more like the Blahs.

I'm not really depressed, just bored. In a house full of stuff I should or could do, I'm bored. I have a ton of house and yard work to do (although taking my new electric trimmers out to the rain soaked shrubs might not be a good idea). Of course, that's not fun, that's just busy.

I have 3 new books to read, "1634: The Galilleo Affair", "Dzur", and "Widdershins". These are all by authors I like and recommended by friends. I have 3 campaigns I could do prep work for, including one that needs a session write-up and bluebook responses done this weekend. I have several DVDs to watch.

This to shall pass, but until then...



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