Tuesday, August 15, 2006

GenCon 2006 - Day 4

It's closing time.

You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. The same words used to shut down the party last night marked the end of GenCon. After arising to "the Evil Daystar", I managed to drag myself downtown for the last few hours of GenCon.

I made a last wandering of the dealer hall, in case I spotted any end of show bargains I couldn't pass up, then met up with Nicole as she was talking to some of the people that ran the Firefly LARP. Some of them were interested in our feedback, one was more interested in talking about the uber quasiNPC ship.

We hit the food court for lunch, watching the last throes of the Con around us. By Day 4, everyone is wiped out as lack of sleep overtakes played out adrenaline and caffeine. We hit the last minitatures painting seminar, and even though there was a last minute substitution of the instructor, it was very good. The sub instructor was both a gamer and an art teacher and you could tell he really enjoyed both painting minis and teaching. I learned a lot, I just hope I can put it to use. Nicole's mini looked great, as did the 7 year old kid's. I feel like mine looked like I used my teeth to hold the brush.

After the closing announcement, Nicole and I said good-bye so she could get home to clean up from Nicole-Con. I ran into Jason (the original) and Ken on my way out, and we encountered some players from the LARP. We compared experiences and talked about that LARP and other LARPs. Everyone said good-bye and parted. As I left downtown, I did one last slow drive past the Convention Center, watching the departing gamers and packing vendors, feeling melancholy.

It's closing time.


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