Saturday, July 08, 2006

So sayeth Oz

I've been forbidden from making prophetic statements at work now by my collegue Melissa. We were talking about the various stores I would have to help with their impending inventories, when I leaned back and said "I'm going to have to go to Store 123." Melissa asked if Manager X had quit or gotten fired and I replied that he would step down or leave the company before then, so they would have a new manager that I'll have to train and help.

Later my GM entered the warehouse and I repeated to him my prediction that I would have to help Store 123.

"Oh, because Manager X stepped down?" he replied. I gave him a brief blank look. "I just came from there... he's stepped down."

After I filled him in on my earlier prophecy, we both found Melissa. She turned to me and said "You are not allowed to say things like that out loud anymore."

Also, while at Store 123 my GM talked to their GM. Their GM was bemoaning the fact that now they would do a scrub and find out that their shrink number (percent of product inventory lost vs. sales) was going to jump to a cetain percent.

"Oz says it will be higher," my GM told him. He seemed doubtful. "If Oz says it will be higher, I'd expect it to be higher. Oz knows what he is talking about."

Store 123's GM began rubbing his head.

I don't know what amuses me more... that my GM invoked my name, or that he did it to rattle someone's chains.


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