Sunday, June 18, 2006

I had a dream that I was dead...

It was actually Monday night, but I just now got around to blogging it. Usually I forget my dreams as soon as I wake up, but this one made an impression.

Five of my friends were together in a room discussing that I was dead and my impending funeral. I was in the room as a ghost, but they couldn't see or hear me. One of my friends didn't want to go to the funeral because it would be a "bullshit ecumenical service" that had nothing to do with me. All five of the people in my dream are part of my tribe, thus pagans like me.

I'm not too worried about this being a premonition, as one of my friends was lugging around a body bag with my remains in it (and from the way the bag shifted when he moved it, I would say my remains were not too intact). The other thing that distanced it from reality was that I was hoping my ex-girlfriend would turn up so I could talk to my friends through her. I didn't know her name, or at least think it, but I knew that she was blonde but not one of my two blonde ex-girlfriends that I really have. And she was shorter than me. I have no clue what difference it made, but that's what my "dream memories" were.

Yes, when I dream, I sometimes have entire sets of memories. Is that odd?

Fortunately, I'm not easily spooked, as all five of my friends in my dream happened to show up at my house Tuesday night. /cue twilight zone

But it did make me think. What do I want when I die?

1) Parts is parts. I don't need them. This is covered as I'm an organ donor on my driver's license.

2) Cremate me. I don't need to take up real estate, I don't need my mortal remains, and that way no angry Egyptian cultist will turn me into a zombie.

3) Regarding my marker... if I have money left, I would like the artwork that comprises the round part of my tattoo on it. And something with a winged panther. Hey... it's my marker.

4) My wake. Make it a good Celtic wake with lots of beer and music. I want people to have fun the last time they get together on my behalf. No multi-day viewing or anything. Again, if I have money, some of it should go to the wake so that there's good beer, good food, and a good atmosphere (which means not in a funeral home).

5) My funeral. I don't want one. Just the wake. And although it will inconvenience my family, the wake should be here in Indy. My tribe and other pagan friends will remember me at Samhain.

Oh, and if I end up braindead in a hospital, someone do me a favor and "trip" over my plug.


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