Thursday, January 05, 2006

Movie Review: Into the Blue

Testosterone warning

I didn't see Into the Blue in the movie theaters. How could I pass up a movie that had Jessica Alba in a skimpy bikini as its big marketting point? Yeah, there was something about treasure and sharks, but it was almost all Alba (and almost all of Alba). How could I miss this?

Into the Blue came out against Serenity.

Despite receiving some decent reviews, Into the Blue was out of the theaters in nothing flat. So when the DVD came out, I took a chance and picked it up, despite my original prediction that the movie would be awful.

Somehow between long shots of Alba's taut, glistening... anyways they managed to sneak a plot into the movie. While it's no Oscar winner, or even Pirates of the Carribean, it's a decent action/suspense movie. While it's not incredibly realistic, in fact I docked it half a monkey because the characters hold their breath so long it makes me want to reach for a stopwatch, it is not as far out there as many action movies.

I also want to point out that Ashley Scott gets undersold. She spends a lot of time in states of scanty garb, is incredibly hot, but gets totally overshadowed by the Alba hype. If they ever come out with Birds of Prey on DVD (and that's about all it would be), Ashley Scott is one of the reasons I'd buy it. Remembering her as a brunette in that series makes me wish they had cast her instead of Erica Durance as Lois Lane in Smallville.

So overall, I give Into the Blue 3 and a half scuba-diving flying monkeys.


Anonymous Dave T said...

I've got BoP on DVD if you ever want to borrow.

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