Thursday, January 05, 2006

Lego Factory

This digital Lego factory is just brilliant. I remember having a ton of Legos whenI was a kid. I would spend hours building towns, then building something like a spaceship to crash into the town and sifting through the rubble to see which little Lego people died because they came apart.

Yes, I was an odd child.


Anonymous KNH said...

My brother and I used to spend endless hours playing with Legos, building guns and playing Star Wars. I still remember the sound of the Legos falling over each other in a high-pitched crinkly noise as he took the denim blue sack from the back of his door and plunked it onto the floor.

It was parachute-shaped, and the first thing to do was pull the red ripcord and our four hands smoothed the Legos into and even layer, like I have seen people do when they are sorting grain. We would excitedly discuss our day’s projects as we spread the Legos, pulling out key pieces as we went. This idyllic scene is completed when he and his best friend make fun of my ugly red-and-yellow upside-down guns, while my brother had the two best pieces: long, skinny blue pieces with ridges on one side.

Aah, youth, when there was time to build and destroy; art for art’s sake at its finest.

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