Thursday, September 22, 2005

Review: Magic of Incarnum

Why don't I listen to myself?

"I'm not buying any more D&D books until I read more about them."
"Ooooh... new book."

While I've admittedly been better, passing on the various environment oriented books like Frostburn and Sands of Flame (or whatever the damned desert book was), I saw this book on the shelf and thought it might provide some useful fodder for my Epic D&D campaign Mything.

I should stick to making up my own material.

As usual, we have some pointless races who exist to have new races along with variations on a theme set of classes. I was underwhelmed and while probably use very little of the new material. About the only thing I really liked was the connection with chakra points as an explanation on the limit on the number of magic items you can wear (ie., the two ring rule).

My players are entering the realm of what I call Quasi-Deific Heroes, a la CuChulain, Arthur, el Cid, etc. They aren't Divine Level 0 yet, and for that matter they aren't that 'Epic' as far as D&D tends to judge 'Epic' campaigns (the highest level character is 21st). But I have a system worked out based on level and heroic/epic deeds and boons that cause them to progress towards QDH and what abilites they gain as they progress.

Oz > WotC.

Oh, and 1.5 flying soul-carnate pointless-race monkeys for Incarnum.


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