Sunday, February 20, 2005

Work stress

I may be going back to an hourly supervisor. I still haven't decided... but my store had a disastrous visit from Regional, and of 7 managers in the store prior to the holidays, one besides myself is left. All of the others have gone to lower volume stores, stepped down, or left the company.

I knew this new management position was going to be a pain in the ass when they combined my old job with another management position, reduced the amount of time I was given to work on department specific initiatives to 75% and reduced my support staff of 4 supervisors and 4 seniors to 2 supervisors and 1 senior.

The biggest plus of stepping down is that I go from a 50+ hour week with no holiday time to 40 hours, holiday pay, and OT pay if I go over 40. Granted, the net pay will be a little less, but I'll be able to handle it.

The minus is of course the pay, and the feeling that I failed. Of course, the company won't admit that it screwed up with the consolidation because even though it's losing more money to shrink, in the end it is still saving because 70% of what it is losing in shrink would have been paid out in bonuses plus the salary of the additional manager.

I'm really stressed out over the whole thing and can hardly sleep. But I have to make a decision soon, or else I'll just get put under a microscope and if I can't pull it off I'll lose my position anyways.


Blogger CeltiaSkye said...

Sometimes a demotion isn't a bad thing. I took a demotion when I went back to tech support and I'm a lot less stressed-out then what I used to be. Don't think of it as a failure; how can you succeed when you're not given the proper tools?

I checked the job postings at Roche but there's nothing interesting today. I'll keep my eyes open.

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