Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Seven Meme

This was "tagged" to me by Nicole.

Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.

1. I had a childhood ailment that was never diagnosed. I learned how to spell "blood test" when I was in kindergarten and was paralyzed to the point that I was unable to walk and lost use of one of my hands. The doctors never figured out what it was and it cleared up on it's own. I had to relearn how to climb stairs and skip.

2. Because of my childhood paralysis I ended up polydextrous. I originally wrote and colored with both hands (as well as forwards and backwards) when I was little. I ended up writing left-handed (except on large surface like chalkboards... still ambi), throwing right, pistol left, swords right, bows left, rifles/shotgun right (I think), mouse right, paint ambi, bowl left, bat ambi, pool right (but can left if needed), tennis ambi. Overall, my right is stronger but my left is more precise.

3. I was known as "the guy with the cross" for a year at college. I even appeared in a cartoon strip in the school newspaper with the cross on.

4. When I first met my ex-wife, I asked a friend of mine "Why can't I find a woman like her?"

5. I originally wanted to be an architect, but I didn't do very good at drafting because I would drag my hand across the paper as I worked (watch a southpaw write and you'll understand.)

6. I ended up with a journalism degree because of a crush I had in 9th grade. I signed up for yearbook because I thought that the girl I had a crush on signed up, got recruited for the newspaper my first day at the yearbook, got a scholarship because of the newspaper, etc..

7. In first grade my best friend and I decided we would both change our name to Henry. Our teacher convinced us this would be a bad idea because then she wouldn't be able to tell us apart.

Who to tag?
Carlton, because I can't believe Nicole didn't tag him.
Jason and S.W.C.K..
Marik, of this means he'd have to check his blog.
Liz, because her regular blog is getting jealous of her fiber-blog.
Melissa, because I'm sure she'll have something interesting.
Lisa, because it's her fault that I have a MySpace page.



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