Monday, October 16, 2006

A look from the outside

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I found this British article regarding our politics to be an interesting look at our government from the outside.

For the record, I think that if the Democrats do get a majority, attempts to impeach Bush will be futile unless someone coughs up a really smoking gun because they won't have enough of a majority. They just need to send those hobbits to Mount Doom so we can banish Cheney.


Blogger Falconsword said...

Oz, you disapoint me. I know you've careened to the left in the years I've know you. Like many friends of mine, it seems impossible to resist the surrounding catcalls of the shrill left when you live in the overwhelmingly liberal pagan circle. Anyway, you do realize The Observer has about as much credibility in the UK as the National Inquirer does here in the US? This was written more like a editorial, full of personal attacks and other goodness. I know a lot of American's love to curse Bush and mumble incromprehensible ramblings of how he is to blame for everything, but one simple truth remains. If either Kerry or Gore were in charge now, we would be no safer or prosperous than we are. Probably less of the former, and undoubtedly less of the later.

12:20 PM  
Blogger Oz said...

If I was a BHL, I'd be on the "impeach Bush" band wagon. I'm only to the Left on some issues, while I'm to the Right on others. For a pagan, I'm rather conservative.

We can conjecture all we want on what the US would be like if the Dems won the White House and it is easy to say we'd be worse off since it's an absolutely impossible statement to prove.

But Bush is a buffoon (even his own party is distancing themselves) and the Republicans have driven us deeper into debt while getting us stuck in a quagmire. There were no WMDs and there was no Iraq link to 9/11. The only people benefitting from us "liberating" Iraq are the companies getting money to "rebuild" it.

PS: Have you updated your blogs yet?

4:54 PM  

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