Friday, October 27, 2006


I remember thinking of all sorts of clever things to put in this post while at work, but now that I'm in front of the keyboard, I can't remember them.

I wore my new jeans which are 2" smaller in the waist then other pairs of pants and they actually fit comfortably. I was getting ready to go see the Mummies at the Vogue and I was a little surprised when I looked in the mirror. Maybe I don't notice it when I wear my work clothes or loafing around the house clothes, but I could really see the difference.

I'm pretty sure I won't make 215 by Halloween, but I'm not going to worry about it. I could force the issue, but that would be pointless as after I stopped depriving myself just to hit a number, I'd binge and be worse off when it's all said and done. So if I'm 216 or 217 on 10/31, it's still good.

Plus, I think a cute girl started to flirt with me last night at the Vogue. Unfortunately, I think she was scared off because she thought the woman next to me was my girlfriend and was taking offense. I have no clue who the woman next to me was, she just happened to be sitting there. I'll never know for sure... one minute she had her hand on my shoulder, the next she shook hands with me then my neighbor and took off. Maybe it's just as well I don't know... that way I can make up my own answer. ;)


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