Sunday, January 15, 2006

Personal Responses

Below is typical of the kind of responses I get to my personals...

How r u? Whats going on? I tried to send ya a message over the weekend but my computer was going crazy lol. I saw your profile and thought I'd send ya a message. Do you have a woman? You are way cute :P I'd like to get to know you better. What do you do for fun? Well, add me as a friend I don't bite, I don't have any friends on here yet, I just joined lol. I sometimes go to my cousins house and she lives close to you, I am thiking I might go out there next month. Actually I got webcam on we can chat through there if you want, that can be fun sometimes :P You can get to my cam from my profiile. Well I have prolly bored you enough, but hope we can get to know each other! I am so tired of stupid guys my own age. Sorry I have never messaged a guy on here before and YES I am just a normal girl not some crazy stalker lol


I spared you the large pink font. :)

This has all of the benchmarks of personals spam. Obviously the mention of a webcam is a dead giveaway. Also, there is the lack of using the adressee's name as well as the clever covering of geographic issue (the sender's profile lists her as being in Pittsburg, but she conveniently has a cousin she visits in an unnamed locale).

I don't know what's worse... that people send these out trolling for lonely men or that there are enough respondents that end up coughing up money to make this lucrative.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...heh, I get junk like that (minus the large pink font), without even posting personals at all...sigh...

12:47 AM  

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